What is F.B.S.M.? A Professional Full Body Sensual Massage. Also referred to as “A Bodyrub, Erotic Bodywork, Tantric Massage, Rub & Tug, or Happy Ending.”

What Really Happens? The Gentleman lies back on a massage table or mat and receives sensual bodywork from a trained “Provider” of the Erotic Healing Arts.

What Doesn’t Happen? Let the provider take control. The Gentleman simply keeps his hands to himself at first while the Provider devours him with intentional loving touch. 

Can I Touch Her Like She’s Touching Me? Every Provider has her own boundaries. Always remember the Golden Rule: ASK PERMISSION FIRST before touching her! Better yet, just relax and receive.

Where Do I Find It? Internet advertising. Many “escort” websites have special sections for “Bodyrubs.” Google around. Look for “Independent Providers” that work from the privacy of their own homes instead of public “Massage Parlors.”

How Do I Set Up An Appointment? 1) Read her ad for details first. 2) Decode the jargon so you have some clue of what she may offer. 3) Call ahead of time and schedule an appointment like you would with any normal masseuse. 4) Do not ask any risque questions. 5) Be a gentleman: polite, punctual, and professional.

How Much Does It Cost? A High End FBSM Provider charges around $150-250 USD an hour. “Tantra” can aim up to $350. Low End Massage Parlors with public store fronts say they charge only $40-70 an hour, but that does not include the extra fee for the crappy “happy ending.” Skip the fast food and go gourmet!

What is Screening? FBSM Providers may ask for a Gentleman’s personal information, business URL, full legal name, LinkedIN profile or referrals to help verify your identity. Trust her with your info and she will trust you.

How Do I Pay Her? Cash only, casually placed on her nightstand or bookshelf. Some. providers accept credit cards, please let her know up front that you'll be using plastic and take care of the finances ahead of time. Don't forget to bring a little cash for upgrades and tipping. It is taboo to discuss money exchange in this business.

**Gentlemen TIP generously!**

Is the Ending Happy? Arrive with no expectations and you will end up happy! Just allow your Provider to run the show. Breathe through your pleasure and completely relax. Never feel ashamed. Enjoy!

Please note** Time is money. Please remember that if you book time with your provider be sure to respect that time. If you're running late be sure to let her know. Same thing if you need to cancel and as soon as you possibly can. By not showing up and not calling you not only put off the provider and could possibly end up on a blacklist somewhere but more importantly if you no show or cancel at the very last minute you've just cost your provider her earnings. She was planning on you being there and assuredly can't immediately fill that spot so she not only didn't receive your donation but can't make it up. Please be considerate of her time as you would with any other professional. 

**Personal hygiene - i have a shower available for both before and after our sessions. Please, if you aren't coming straight from your own shower let me know and you can use my shower.

Do you want to know the entire inside scoop? CLICK HERE to download the complete guide here! TOP 10 FBSM TIPS “A Gentleman’s Etiquette Guide To Sensual Massage” 

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