Everything you might want to know is here. If it's not, just ask.


I love a clean, good smelling man. Light cologne, nothing too strong. I love a man who is a gentleman and treats me like a lady with respect and kindness. I love surprises, even little ones. A big turn on is a man who ‘gets it’, it's hard to explain this but nothing gets my motor running faster than a man who is smart, funny, non-judgmental, funny, can laugh at himself but isn't self depricating. Did I say funny yet??


Bad smelling, rude men. Clean your junk, man!

I can't stand rude know it alls. Time wasters-those fellas that demand so much of my time but have no intention of ever booking an appt., obviously i don't care for the fellas that try to rip me off, short me or negotiate my rates.


DO - be cool

DON'T - Be nervous, I'll take really good care of you.

DO - ask first before touching and please don't grab, poke or twist my breasts or my coochie at any time, especially while I'm trying to give you a massage, remember, patience is a virtue and is rewarded. Treat them nice and they will treat you nice.

DON'T - Touch my face or my hair. Just a personal weird pet peeve. Plus your hands are full of oil and i don't want to break out.

DO- Tip. Tipping tells me that you had a good time and appreciate my hard work. Tip like you would anyone that provides a service.

DON'T- No show, no call. If you can't make the appointment please let me know. It only takes 30 seconds to send a text. But keep in mind when you cancel last minute i just lost out on my only form of income. I can't immediately fill that spot and most likely declined other offers for that time plus i have an hour commute between my home and my studio. Please try to give me at least an hours notice if you need to cancel.

DO - know how much i love what i do. I get to fall in love for an hour at a time with such a wide variety of personalities. You all truly rock my world!

Please note these few things:

  • When contacting me please refrain from using explicit talk or mannerisms whether it is on e-mail, phone calls, texts/SMS messages. I understand you can get a bit excited to meet me, but please keep it professional and save that for our one-on-one encounter. If you don't correct this behavior I will simply ignore your requests, or end the conversation immediately!


  • I do NOT discuss the particulars of my sessions in print. Besides, They're all different. Just know that you will leave very happy but speak up if im making you feel uncomfortable or you'd like me to do something different.

  • Everyone needs to be screened. Everyone. No exceptions. Just telling me that you're a great guy doesn't cut it.

  • Please do not misunderstand my kindness for weakness or stupidity. I am neither.

  • Failure to comply with my simple requests will result in anything from just ignoring you to blacklisting. (Yes, it's a real thing) .


Ok...here it goes. 

My favorite colors are pink and orange but I look best in red or blue. My favorite line of clothes come from Pinup Couture, Unique Vintage, Rock Steady, Sourpuss, Stop Staring, Voodoo Vixen, Lindy Bop, Bettie Page and Tatyana. I love anything retro/1940's-50's pinup style for work and a soft rockabilly style in my off time. Polka dots or stripes some floral but that has to be subdued please no Aztec or country western patterns.  I prefer vintage style high waisted panties and lingerie with a garter and cuban heeled stockings rather than standard thigh highs or just nude legs however, they usually don't stay on for long 😉.

I look good in a chemise or teddy and they're more comfortable over a corset but still love a good waist trainer.  I wear a 38DD/40D bra and a size 8 or 9 panty. Secrets in lace and What Katie Did are two of my favorite online stores for lingerie.

I usually wear a size 14 dress and if they run small pop up to a 16- thanks to the tatas. Sometimes that equals A large, extra large and even sometimes an extra extra large just depending on the design- I'm sure you've shopped for women before, when in doubt a gift card always works. Always err on the larger size to be safe, i can always get things altered down.

I wear a size 7.5 shoe and almost always wear at least 2-3" heel. 

I love milk chocolate and caramel. Especially a combination of the two. my favorite candies are turtles, peach rings, caramel M&M's or really anything milk chocolate and caramel together. I love my coffee or should i say dessert in a cup. Starbucks is my favorite. I also love brisk Strawberry Melon juice and Mtn. Dew Baja and Pepsi. My favorite food is pizza where i usually get pepperoni, green olives, mushrooms and extra cheese. Red Savoy is my fav pizza joint.

I love blue flowers matched with orange and pink, a bundle of small red roses or a seasonal bouquet. My favorite flower is the tulip. I'm not picky at all about them, they're all beautiful.

My favorite perfume is Miss Dior formerly Miss Cherie by Dior. I like to smell good but don't like to over power and tend to like the clean, sophisticated scents over the spicy musks.

Do i expect gifts? No. But to me, Everyday is a celebration why not give gifts?? Send me your gift list and i might just surprise you!

But my favorite gift of all is being able to pamper you and make YOU feel like a king. Y'all truly do rock my world!!


“A few tips for those just getting into the hobby.

Escorts and sensual massage therapists don’t sell sex

They offer themselves as company and /or for therapeutic purposes.

We don’t talk about sex and neither should you!

Leave the money on the dresser or coffee table in plain view.

Again, don’t talk about sex.

Privacy vs. Verification

You need to have anonymous email accounts for the internet. You can use aliases to protect your anonymity, but eventually you will need to allow the escort to verify who you are. If an escort cannot determine that you are not a vice cop or something, you are leaving it up to them to not see you, or take a chance on meeting an undesirable client. Show her some trust and respect, she is taking as much a risk as you are if not more.

If your provider never has to deal with no-shows, undercover police, bad apples of any kind, then she/he will provide you a better service built on trust.

Tips of Etiquette

In order to enjoy the services of a provider, you need to learn how discuss their adult services correctly. In order to discuss anything intelligently, you need knowledge.

We do not sell sex!

As a matter of fact, you can pretty much ensure yourself a really bad experience with any is if you ask how much it would cost to have sex.

We're like any other woman, if you are nice, clean, respectful, polite, and fun to be with, we will probably like you enough to consider getting closer to you. But you have to do your part first. If you walk into this with any expectations, you’ll only disappoint and frustrate yourself.

Leave the donation for her time on the dresser/table/wherever we can see it. We will tell you what we expect in donations, before you get there. Don’t make Us ask you for money. You’ll only look like an amateur or a schmuck trying to rip us off!

Don’t talk about sex! Period!

If you don’t trust us enough to see your ID or other verification forms, then you need to look elsewhere for companionship or services. We will be so much more comfortable with you and you will have a better experience if you follow this advice.

Lastly, don’t be mean or rude, don’t be high on drugs, don’t be drunk, don’t try to rip her off or “short” the donation envelope. If you treat us badly in anyway, not only won’t she ever see you again, she may put you on a bad client list type web site that warns other providers about you. Then other providers won’t see you because you’ve been blacklisted.

So, just think of us like any other date and have fun and be cool….”

paraphrased from Cityhotties.com